UASA welcomes new Denel board; decisive action at other SOE's must now follow

UASA welcomes the appointment of the new Denel board by Minister of Public Enterprises Pravin Gordhan.

We trust that Cabinet will approve the new board soonest.

Gordhan’s consultation process with key stakeholders to establish a way forward for the state-owned entity (SOE) is a prudent step that should deliver good results for South Africa. South Africans know very well that SOEs play an important role in our economy and understand that, when performing well, they contribute to the development and economic well-being of us all.

For UASA the last straw and final loss of trust in Denel as an economic player was when our members and other employees of the SOE did not receive their bonuses at the agreed-on time at the end of November last year.

We subsequently met with Gordhan after his appointment in Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa’s Cabinet and received his undertaking to rectify the situation at Denel and other SOEs. In this regard we especially welcome that no members of the previous board were retained and that Denel can now hopefully move into the future and regain the trust of South Africans and employees with the job security of our members intact.

We will hold Gordhan to his promise to hold the wrongdoers at Denel to account and weed out any corrupt practices. We trust that action at other SOEs will follow suit as a matter of urgency.


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