Contractors taking over work at Implats shafts unacceptable; will rob workers of jobs prematurely

Impala Platinum’s (Implats) announced restructuring process, including the layoff of 13 000 workers out of a workforce of 40 000 and cutting production with 30% over the next two years, is of dire importance to UASA and its members employed at the mine.

While we understand that restructuring is unavoidable due to the unprofitable ratio of prices in the platinum-group metals (PGM) basket and that eleven shafts will have to close due to poor efficiencies obtained at the companies newer shafts for the mine to ensure a sustainable future position, we are of the opinion that this points back at poor employee relations and bad management.

A specific matter of concern is that Implats’ management has already made public their plan to bring in contractors to operate the shafts that they plan on closing down. This leaves the question why UASA members and other workers should lose their jobs to make room for contractors.

UASA’s first objective is to save as many jobs as possible, however, should this not have a plausible result, the union will support the process to get the best deal possible for our members for one reason only: To protect the company’s business and help secure its sustainability for as long as possible to the benefit of the majority of our members.

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