We salute you Koos

UASA staff members this afternoon said goodbye to UASA CEO, Dr. Koos Bezuidenhout.

Dr. Bezuidenhout elaborated on his 27 years’ service with UASA and explained how he started off, doing organizing work initially and how he worked himself up in the union over the years.

He explained how he built UASA up over the years with a strong sector focus and how it helped to make members from different sectors feel at home within UASA.

He concluded by saying he believed the time has come for new blood in UASA and for that reason he decided to make way for a new leadership team to take over.

While he will still be in service until July 2019, representing UASA on certain boards and institutions, he officially handed over the reins to Mr. Jacques Hugo, who will act as CEO until such time as a suitable candidate has been appointed.

We wish you everything of the best Koos and trust that you and Lauretha will enjoy a wonderful retirement.

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