Catastrophic fuel price increase will financially cripple South Africa’s workers

The latest fuel price increases as announced by the Department of Energy this morning is the final straw crippling South Africa’s workers.

As from Wednesday workers will not only fork out for the most expensive fuel price ever (R17,08 in Gauteng) but will also have to deal with the ripple effect on the cost of transport – taking them to work and back, as well as the inevitable increase in food prices and other household necessities.

Attributing the increase to the weakening rand exchange rate will solve no ordinary South African worker’s financial distress. Here UASA is in agreement with the Automobile Association’s opinion that the spike is rather the result of the country's economic policy which has left South Africans defenceless against upticks in international oil prices.

The department’s ridiculous intervention trick in September to provide relief against fuel price hikes by increasing the price by just 4,9c per litre has now exploded in the faces of the workers on whom the economy rests.


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