UASA helps achieve victory for SA Actor’s Guild

UASA welcomes the announcement by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee for Trade and Industry on their endorsement of the Copyright and Performers Protection Amendment Bills.

The South African Guild of Actors (SAGA), an affiliate of UASA, was empowered by its members to fight in support of the bills and it was through this unified and powerful mandate that SAGA and other industry representatives including The Personal Managers Association (PMA), persuaded Parliament to align the draft legislation with the principles of social justice. The rights of South African performers can now be elevated in line with global standards.

The adoption of the bills will play a substantial role in correcting the power imbalance in the performance industry. For the first time in South Africa, audio-visual actors will be able to bargain from an empowered and fair position when negotiating their remuneration.

However, while this victory is significant, the fight is not over.

SAGA will remain vigilant and ensure that these bills are passed by Parliament. Beyond that, SAGA will continue to act as a key stakeholder and watchdog to ensure that the practical implementation of this legislation lives up to the spirit of these bills.

This victory also opens the door for the next battle. SAGA will continue in their effort to persuade government to sign and ratify the Beijing Treaty which would further entrench and protect the rights of audio-visual performers in South Africa.

SAGA will be unrelenting in ensuring that the abuse and exploitation of actors in South Africa is prevented. SAGA and its partners will continue to promote and protect the rights of South African performers and build on industry unity.

UASA is proud to have been part of the combined effort making this possible.

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