National minimum wage long overdue

UASA welcomes the announcement that the national minimum wage is now signed into law by Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa on Friday.

Society at large has become used to a specific set of rules and arrangements, inter alia the wages received by lower paid employees. The announced rate of R20 per hour or R3 500 monthly, depending on the number of hours worked, challenges the status quo and may not be equally popular everywhere.

Fact of the matter is, even with a minimum wage of R3500, what would a worker pay towards rent, water and electricity, food, school uniforms, and other expenses? R3500 is a pittance compared to other employees and executives earning anything from R100 000 up to R1 million per year. The time to do something tangible to address the gross inequality in our society is long overdue. 

UASA appreciates that the proposed minimum wage needed careful consideration, especially in sectors such as domestic work and agriculture.  We therefore also welcome that the national minimum wage for domestic and farm workers will be phased in over the next few years to prevent job losses due to employers who find it difficult to increase wages overnight.

UASA looks forward to the National Minimum Wage Act coming into force soon.

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