Lower fuel price the best Christmas present for South Africa’s workers

The drop in fuel prices as announced over the weekend is great news for South Africa’s workers.

After a year of fuel price increases that stretched consumers’ finances to the limit, there is now a December and Festive Season to look forward to, at least as far as personal transport is concerned.

UASA sincerely hopes that retailers and the public transport industry will take workers into consideration and adapt their prices where possible over the Festive Season; an expensive time for most followed by another month of expenses for parents of school-going children.

We are also pleased with the Department of Energy’s review of how it calculates the Basic Fuel Price by looking at the underlying prices of fuel, diesel and illuminating paraffin, as well as the possible capping of fuel prices.

However, government should also revisit the other three elements that make up the pump cost of fuel, namely the general fuel levy, the road accident fund levy, and distribution, transport and wholesale costs.

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