Performers Protection Amendment Bill will rectify inequities that have long plagued SA actors

The Performers Protection Amendment Bill, which seeks to rectify inequities that have long plagued South African actors, was passed in Parliament.

Actors now have the right to collective bargaining, allowing better negotiation of employment contracts. The bill also allows for statutory royalty sharing, meaning that South African actors can now also share in the royalties that previously only guaranteed the income of producers and facilitators in film as well as the rectification of the Beijing Treaty that defends the economic rights of actors.

Veteran actress and activist Florence Masebea, member of the South African Guild of Actors (SAGA), who tirelessly pushed for the bill to be passed, tweeted “Ri a livhuwa” (thank you) after the bill was signed into law.

During a fiery speech in Parliament she said giving economic rights to actors is not a mistake. “Please save us and future generations from the blatant exploitation of actors by broadcasters and producers who for many years have taken advantage of the lack of education and information amongst many of us,” she said.

SAGA has a coalition agreement with UASA that guarantees every member exclusive access to a legal support system specifically developed to address the unique challenges of the acting profession.

UASA is thus pleased with the passing of the bill which now gives our members their rightful place in the economy, allowing them to be protected by the very constitution celebrated as one of the most progressive in the world.

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