UASA welcomes the signin of the Political Party Funding Bill into law

UASA fully supports the long overdue Political Party Funding Bill which now requires political parties to disclose their funders.

The bill, signed into law yesterday, will eliminate shady political behind-the-scenes dealings and lead South Africa to a more free, fair and transparent democracy. It will close the door to corruption and voters will know who pays, and therefore may have undue control over, political parties.

The act regulates public and private funding of parties, and who can and cannot make donations to political parties. It stipulates that political parties cannot accept donations from state- or state-owned entities, foreign governments and speaks of the establishment of a multi-party democracy fund that will be overseen by the IEC.

Unfortunately, the law will not affect this year’s elections but will be instrumental in giving voters a glimpse into the financials of their favoured parties for future elections and assist them in making a more informed decision when they head to the polls.

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