SONA is Cyril’s chance to win back the nation’s trust

In his 2019 State of the Nation Address Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa should clearly indicate how he proposes moving South Africa forward – not only to boost people’s confidence ahead of the elections later this year, but also that of ratings agencies and investors.

After almost a year at the helm, and with many South Africans grumbling that he is moving too slow, it is crucial that Ramaphosa lay out his plans in a transparent and decisive manner.

Over the past year we have seen the president’s efforts to boost the economy and attempts to create an environment where business can succeed and help alleviate the shocking 26.6% unemployment rate. The ANC’s Job Summit, Stimulus Package and investor roadshows around the world have not done enough to positively impact the current state of the economy.

In his maiden SONA last year, Ramaphosa stated that the growth of our economy would be sustained by small businesses and that it would be our shared responsibility to grow this vital sector of the economy. Later in 2018, we saw all-time high fuel prices and Eskom load shedding hitting those same small businesses that he had pointed out as vital. Maladministration at State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs)such as Eskom, SAA, Denel, Transnet, and now also the SABC, has seen them repeatedly trying to borrow their way out of financial difficulties, leaving employees at these companies with uncertain futures.

Ramaphosa’s presidency has also be shaken by shocking revelations at four commissions of inquiry, all related to the abuse and capture of state resources by high-ranking government officials: The State Capture, Public Investment Corporation (PIC), SARS and National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) inquiries.

What we need to hear from Ramaphosa now, is how and when guilty parties will be arrested and prosecuted. We need to know that corruption will come to an end and that South Africa will be run by trustworthy officials who put the well-being of the public first.

SONA is Ramaphosa’s opportunity to give South Africans hope once more by shining a strong enough light for us to see where the future may lead.

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