World Health Day a reminder of the importance of physical and mental health at work

UASA joins the World Health Organisation (WHO) in celebrating World Health Day on Sunday, 7 April 2019.

As part of organised labour, UASA wants to stress the importance of good physical and mental health at work and elsewhere. Optimum performance at work is a result of good health and benefits worker and employer alike.


Workers must keep in mind that they are contracted to their employers to perform certain tasks in return for a salary or wages. As a healthy employee, you can give your best in compliance with that contract with your employer. Of course, there are some employees who abuse their sick leave just to take days off work – an unwise decision as this may lead to a shortage of sick leave when they indeed fall ill, in which case the employer has no choice but to institute unpaid leave or a reduced salary as per the operational requirements.

Employers with programmes in place to meet workers’ mental and physical needs will limit absenteeism and its financial impact on their businesses.

Mental health

Taking responsibility for your health also includes your mental health.

Depression affects more than 9,7% of the South African population or 1 out of 4 workers. This negatively affects the economy. The stigma attached to depression or other mental illnesses is still a major problem in the workplace, creating a situation where employees prefer to rather suffer in silence than to seek treatment.

There is no shame in coming forward to seek medical assistance and employers will also benefit by educating their workforce about mental illness. UASA has partnered with an accredited service provider that delivers comprehensive wellbeing and assistance services which is free to all UASA employees.

Health, love and happiness can’t be bought. No amount of money or riches can cure incurable diseases. Although the WHO views health as a human right, we also see it as a blessing to be cherished and protected.

Lastly, workers who look after and appreciate their good health also think of those that are dependent on them and look up to them as able providers.

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