Cutting the wage bill should be a last resort at struggling SA Express

The surprise announcement by airline SA Express that they intend to cut down on their workforce without informing the relevant trade unions first, is as shocking as it is disappointing.

According to SA Express CEO Siza Mzimela the airline currently has 822 employees per 10 aircraft. She said this employment model was geared for the 22 aircrafts they used to operate, but with only 10 aeroplanes currently in operation it meant that the company was overstaffed and losing its competitive edge.

However, to solve the current problems at SA Express, cutting the wage bill must be a last resort. Instead, maladministration and poor decision-making must be dealt with in an organised manner. The airline needs to put together a strategy to cut back on some of its spending to ensure they reach operational efficiency and commercial sustainability.

If not, the company will find itself in the same position a few months down the line. Simply cutting the workforce will not fix SA Express.

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