Freedom Day an opportunity to look forward through building bridges, while never losing sight of the past

Freedom Day, 27 April, the day South Africans celebrate the first non-racial democratic elections that took place in 1994,

a turning point that saw the inclusion of the previously disadvantaged to be part of South African political processes.

It is a day which we reflect on how far we have come in a democratic South Africa, not only to reflect on the bitterness of the past but rather how we are building bridges and coming together as a nation for the betterment of everyone in this country.

On this day we commit ourselves to defend the sacredness of this freedom that we enjoy and that was won after a long, difficult and costly struggle.

This day is even more salient this year as South Africans head to the polls on 8 May to vote.

UASA encourages everyone who is eligible to vote to go out and cast their votes for the political party they feel best serves their interest.

If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.