Another fuel price increase

South Africans are bracing for another fuel price increase this month, this will be the fourth fuel price increase for 2019.

petrol price

Petrol is set to go up by as much as 54cents per litre while diesel and paraffin will get between 1 and 3 cents increase.

These fuel increases have a ripple effect on other products as there is a transport component linked to all consumer goods. We have seen the price of basic consumer goods slowly rising and workers now have to dig even deeper to make ends meet.

Though this recent fuel price increase has more to do with external factors that are outside of our governments control, we are forced to look back at the announcement made in 2018 by Energy Minister Jeff Radebe, that the ministry was conducting research into the feasibility of instituting a fuel price cap. The minister told parliament that the report would be concluded in January 2019 and nothing has been said since then.

Have they forgotten about it or is it still being compiled?

For now, workers are forced to make adjustments to their already tight budgets, there seems to be no solution in sight.

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