Paper Pulp Forestry

Paper and Pulp members get 7.75% increase

The parties in the Paper and Pulp chamber of the Bargaining Council reached a full and final settlement agreement consisting of the following elements:

Paper and Pulp wage dispute

The CCMA Commissioner suggested that the following elements could facilitate a settlement agreement:

Paper & Pulp wage negotiations

Avril Kotze from our Durban office reports that CEPPAWU is sticking to its demand for a 12.27% wage increase, 

Paper and Pulp wage negotiations 2018

The dates for 2018 wage negotiations has been agreed to. We will keep you informed regarding progress made. Click here to see dates


MOU on standardisation of salaries and grades SAPPI (Phase 1)

A memrandondum of understanding regarding the standardisation of salaries and grades in SAPPI has been signed.

Paper & Pulp Update

Sappi alone settled with 7% increase & standardization will continue.

Paper & Pulp Wage Negotiations Continue

It has been confirmed that we will meet on Monday, 31 July ’17

Strike looming in the Paper and Pulp sector

Avril reports from KZN that the parties in the Paper and Pulp Bargaining Council reached a deadlock when the employers made a final offer of 7%.

Feedback: Paper and pulp wage negotiations

Operational Manager Avril Kotze reports

UASA members brave the Knysna fires

UASA members came out in full force

South Africans are officially poorer as a result of our downgrade to junk status

This piece is intended to give a very broad understanding to UASA members what a ratings downgrade means

Masonite/Evowood members fear for their lives

After having been placed under business rescue some time ago, Masonite which later became Evowood approached the unions to accept a salary deduction of 12%.

UASA’s position was that the only way that we might consider it would be to insert a clause that the salary sacrifice will become a loan which the company

Amended Paper and Pulp Industry collective agreement

The extension of the Paper and Pulp Industry collective agreement to non parties has been published in the Government Gazette dated 20 January 2017. 

Gyatri strike ballot inconclusive. Please vote again

Our strike ballot result is that only 4 members voted to go on strike and nobody voted NO. This means that we cannot give notice for a strike. We will now try again and you now have another opportunity to vote by responding to the sms before 17h00 today. Reply YES if you wish to go on protected strike or reply NO if you do not want to strike. If you do not vote or reply it will be accepted that you do not want to strike and the majority vote will rule.  Thabo

Gayatri members discussing strike action

Gayatri members

Gayatri strike ballot

24 January 2017

We reached deadlock with the company regarding our dispute on organisational rights (recognition). A certificate of deadlock has been issued but we need to conduct a ballot among our members first. On the SMS that we have sent you, please reply YES if you wish to proceed with a protected strike & NO, if you do not wish to proceed with a protected strike.  

UASA requires your vote before 12h00 on Wednesday 25 January 2017. Should the majority vote in favour of a protected strike, UASA will inform you of when the protected strike will commence. Thabo

Gyatri Paper Mills

Fighting an uphill battle at GAYATRI PAPER MILLS (PTY) LTD, but getting there!

It became evident in 2016 that management favoured CEPPWAWU above UASA. We managed to increase our membership from thirty one (31) to 83. As we managed to make remarkable progress as far as restoring the member’s trust and to grow our membership, we held numerous monthly meetings with members to journey with them on their struggle towards becoming the majority union.

Mondi Richards Bay

Successful recruitment at Mondi Richards Bay is ongoing. We welcome one of the TOP CEPPWAU leaders and all his comrades who joined UASA.