UASA members brave the Knysna fires

UASA members came out in full force

recently when the devastating wild fires ravaged the Knysna area.

Our members who work for MTO have been called out at 3 O'clock in the morning when the fire started. The heat was so intense that the side mirrors of vehicles parked 50 meters away from the fire melted.

By 8 O'clock the evening, our members still had nothing to eat or drink. It was then than we decided to jump in and provided some foodstuffs and drinks to the members involved.

As if the fires were not bad enough, there might be some even worse consequences for our members. The Longmore plantation has been decimated completely when more than 10000 cubic meters of pine wood has been reduced to ashes. No doubt this will have a direct impact on the future employment of our members and the employer already indicated that it wants a meeting with the union.

On the picture below, Beyers Claassen form our Southern Cape office presented Freddie Damons and two fellow shop stewards with the food and drinks.

Knysna 2Knysna 1