We support you all the way Jack!

Jack Devnarain, Chairman  of SAGA, the South African Guild of Actors, which is a branch of UASA,  has been nominated through FEDUSA to serve on the SABC Board.

His interview with the portfolio committee took place yesterday and we all are holding thumbs that he will be one of the chosen ones.

 Jack Devnarain

Jack worked as a police constable with the Durban Metropolitan Police Service where he served the community with distinction for nine years and built a lasting aptitude for his current leadership role.

His long association with the performing arts and the broadcasting industry, particularly the SABC, at both the grass root and leadership level since those early years, has endowed him with a profound insight into the challenges faced by the national broadcaster and what needs to be done.

"Jack will no doubt provide a critical perspective and knowledge of the grass roots of the industry and enrich the Board’s understanding of the broadcasting business as a whole. As a national electronic media company with actors at the heart of its business, it would serve the SABC well to have an actor on its Board of Directors; who is able to provide a hands-on understanding of what happens on the ground,” says SAGA Vice-Secretary Francis Chouler.

“Now more than ever before, the SABC will benefit greatly from this ‘horse’s mouth’ perspective that Jack brings, and will be better equipped as a result to navigate matters of a complex nature between itself, actors, producers and third parties”.

As a member of the Presidential Task Team for Cultural and Creative Industries, Jack brings exceptional and ethical leadership qualities; and his contributions to the Technical Working Group commissioned by the Department of Trade and Industry where he provided technical insights in support of amendments to the Performer’s Protection and the Copyright Acts, demonstrates his deep understanding of policy.

“In addition to this experience, Jack has a track record of transparent and accountable leadership within an NPO that must report to its membership. This is supported by the non-remunerative status of this time-consuming role and confirms his upstanding and respected position in the media industry. This respect extends beyond the borders of South Africa as he represented SAGA in conferences in Brazil and Canada where key matters concerning the global industry have been debated. 

Jack's unique position and specific industry knowledge coupled with his experience of corporate governance make him an ideal candidate for a position on a board that is in critical need of an experienced, disciplined and diverse individual, concluded Chouler.