Sugar wage dispute settled with 7.5% increase

Ravi Naidoo reports the good news that the Sugar Industry wage dispute has been settled. We have been able to deliver on the mandate given to us by the members and we settled on 7.5%, backdated 1 April.

Sugar industry wage negotiations reached a deadlock

Ravi Naidoo from our Durban office reports that the parties to the Sugar industry wage negotiations have reached deadlock. A dispute will be declared and we will keep you posted.

Avril Kotze reaches 10 Years Service

We congratulate Avril Kotze from our Durban Office for having completed 10 years’ service at UASA.

AMCU members have no choice but to pay agency fees in addition to their union subs.

UASA and Fawu concluded an agency shop agreement the National Bargaining Council for the Sugar industry which means that AMCU members has to pay 1.4% of basic salary in addition to their union subscriptions.

Sugar wage demands presented to the employers

Organised labour(UASA/FAWU/AMCU) in the sugar industry  had a pre-wage conference for 2 days to put together a list of demands. 

Sugar workers get 7.5%: Wage dispute settled

Ravi Naidoo reports that the concilliation by the CCMA in the Sugar Bargaining Council today has been successful

Sugar wage dispute conciliation

The CCMA commissioner will conciliate between the parties

Sugar Industry wage dispute: Conciliation fails

13 June 2017

Ravi Naidoo reports that the parties to the sugar Industry Bargaining Council

Strike looming in the Sugar Industry as negotiations deadlock

Ravi Naidoo from our Durban office reports that the parties to the Sugar Industry Bargaining Council reached a deadlocked after the employers made a full & final offer of 6.5%. This offer has not been acceptable to UASA.


The deadlock has been reached on 31 May 2017 and UASA is in the process of formulating its dispute.


Will keep all members posted.


Viva UASA Viva. Ravi 

Update on wage negotiations in the Sugar industry

Ravi Naidoo reports that wage negotiations continued in the Sugar bargaining council yesterday.

Management indicated that they would be prepared to move to 6% should Labour move to 9% and drop all the other demands. The offer of management has not been acceptable to labour and negotiations will now continue on 24 May. 

We will keep you abreast of developments

South Africans are officially poorer as a result of our downgrade to junk status

This piece is intended to give a very broad understanding to UASA members what a ratings downgrade means

We salute James Mthangala

Ronnie Ndimeni, chairman and NEC member on behalf of Sugar industry and Gledhow Sugar Company reports that they received the painful news of losing the Unionist/Shop steward Mr James Thandokwakhe Mthangala who has been battling with a heart problem since last year. Unfortunately he lost his battle this week and his funeral is next week on Sunday 09 April 2017.

James has been a Shop steward of UASA for more than 15 years and he worked very hard to groom Ronnie as a young man. Thanks to James, UASA became the majority Union in Gledhow Sugar Company and this company is the only company that UASA has majority in the whole Sugar industry. James single handedly recruited about 65 to 70% of members at Gledhow Sugar.

We are currently processing the death claim in terms of the UASA Funeral Benefit so that James' family and our members can bury him with the dignity he deserves. Lala ngoxolo mfowethu

Sugar wage negotiations set to start on 28 February 2017

In preparation for wage negotiations which is set to kick off on 28 February, we have finalised our mandating process. Our demands will be as follows:

Ronnie brings Honour to UASA

The Chairman of the Shopstewards Council, Ronnie Ndimeni, did us all proud when he was appointed Chairperson

Wage talks set to begin in Sugar

Ravi Naidoo from our Durban office shared that wage talks in the Sugar Industry is set to start today, 1 February 2017.