R 211 million of benefits paid out to 5000 Project Ku-Riha beneficiaries

Harmony Gold announced an initiative aimed at facilitating the closure of some 22477 unpaid claims

with the CCOD (Compensation Commissioner of the Department of Health) of people who had a historical employment relationship with the company. In the past week they celebrated with Dr Barry Kistnasamy from the department the joint achievement of paying some 5000 beneficiaries their R 211 million of benefits.  

Harmony started the initiative to RECONNECT with ex employees or their dependents in order to update employment and contact detail, to enable effective future communication.Harmony realized that many ex-employees do have unclaimed retirement and or unpaid occupational lung disease benefits as they resoved to “pay what is due to our people”
Harmony invites all concerned to help with the updating of personal contact details and record, going as far back as 1950, so that they can re-engage with ex employees with a view to resolving the 22477 pending occupational lung disease claims. 
The project is set to take place in phases. A pilot roll out started in Lesotho and Welkom / Matjhabeng, Eastern Cape, Swaziland and Mozambique will follow.
We call on all UASA members and their families and friends to active participate in this noble project.You are welcome to forward information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or cal us on 011 4723600 and we will gladly pass it on.