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Ten reasons why you should join

1. Higher pay
Year on year, UASA wins pay rises for its members. Trained representatives negotiate with employers for the deals that only our member’s influence.
Union members should earn more compared to non-unionised workers, especially younger workers. Where the unions have more members, the deals are better.

2. Secure jobs
Union members are more likely to be in permanent and full-time jobs. UASA reps challenge job cuts and campaign when contracts are under threat. Trade union members are less likely to be sacked. UASA members negotiators have a significant role in restructuring processes at work and are accountable to their members.  

3. Better terms and conditions 
UASA has recognition with many employers across South Africa. Because UASA is actively negotiating and representing members, your employer is more likely to have maternity, parental and leave policies in place which are more generous than the statutory minimum, and can help to negotiate better policies at a local level. Where UASA is stronger so is its ability to negotiate policies that prevent discrimination and enhance general conditions of employment above statutory minimums.

4. Fairness at work
Workplaces with union recognition are more likely to have an equal opportunities policy. Trained UASA reps and Organisers represent members in disciplinary enquiries and grievances at work and can negotiate with employers to resolve issues such as bullying, sexual harassment and collective grievances not covered by legislation.

5. More likely to get equal pay 
UASA are actively pursuing fair pay across all workplaces through legal action and collective negotiating. Unlike attorneys who take up equal pay cases for individuals and charge fees, unions negotiate principled pay schemes that involve all workers and use the collective strength of their members as leverage.

6. Safer workplaces
Our trained reps deliver representation and advice for members at discipline and grievance hearings. Our legal team has an excellent record for winning compensation for UASA members. Over the last two years UASA represented members in 78 cases related to personal injury claims.

7. A skilled workforce
UASA has different levels of training forUnion Reps on the ground negotiating with employers.

8. Dedicated emergency number
UASA members enjoy peace of mind because of an emergency hotline that is available 24/7/365. Emergency evacuation, roadside assistance and a legal helpline are among the services available. In additional, each main member and his/her family are covered by the UASA Funeral Scheme. 

9. A positive influence 
UASA stands with the majority of South African public who want to see justice, peace, fairness, equality and prosperity for all. UASA is known to be reasonable and constructive in its approach, but if we find that employers are destructive, we will reciprocate until they become constructive again. With our positive outlook, we demand accountability from leaders. UASA engages with all stakeholders so that it can win the trust and influence the politicians that make the decisions.

10. Having your say
As a union we strive to empower members and workplace representatives to stand up for their entitlements and push for more. We give members a real say in who represents them and a voice in the campaign and policy decisions taken in their name. We have structures in place to ensure that members can influence union policy at every level. All structures feed into UASAs quadrennial Congress to debate and decide the direction and policies of the union.

Please note:  Where a member joins after a workplace dispute has started, UASA may or may not offer representation for internal proceedings depending on the individual circumstances and will not provide support for legal proceedings that might arise from the issues involved in that dispute. Any subsequent workplace issue will attract full access to internal representation and legal support where the case meets the standards of any policy in place for referral to our solicitors.

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