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Trusted support

As a union we strive to empower members and workplace representatives to stand up for their entitlements and push for more. We give members a real say in who represents them as well as decisions taken in their name. We have structures in place to ensure that members can influence union policy at every level. All structures feed into UASAs quadrennial Congress to debate and decide the direction and policies of the union.

Union reps and officials are working flat out in the interest of members and here are some of the work they do:

  • Conditions of employment and salaries are negotiated on behalf of members at the respective bargaining councils and negotiating forums where UASA is recognised.
  • CCMA and Labour Court cases are handled on behalf of members at the union’s expense by well-trained and qualified staff members.
  • Retrenchment consultations are conduct on behalf of members with great care.
  • Legal assistance is provided in cases flowing from the execution of their duties by members. A number of legally qualified personnel who are in the full-time employment of UASA attend to these cases and subject to the merits of each case, external expert legal opinion and/or assistance may be obtained.
  • Disciplinary/grievance assistance is provided to members who are either disciplinary charged/dismissed while on duty or who wish to lodge a grievance against a superior, by trained and experienced representatives at the union’s expense.

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