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UASA Office Park: Bulkhead replacement project

UASA Office park has been built some 35 years ago and one aspect of our Corporate Governance that we take pride in, is that we diligently maintain our assets.

We have, on numerous five to ten year intervals before,  refreshed the buildings by repainting it. What we, however, discovered during every renovation, was a gradual decay of the bulkheads which is made out of fibre cement. We had to patch and repair every time but unfortunately, we have now reached a stage where it has become unserviceable.

After proper research was done, a recommendation has been approved by the National Executive Committee to replace the fibre cement bulkheads with cranked Chromadek IBR sheeting. It is going to be a huge project since the old bulkheads have to be removed and carted away before the new steel can be fitted. It is estimated that the whole project could take approximately 6 weeks to complete.

The contractor arrived at UASA Office park the morning to set up his camp. Work will start in all earnest on 16 October 2017.

We will monitor progress and will be placing pictures as we go along. We hope you will be as excited as we are to see the final product.


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